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What to do when you visit us

Walk on Romeleåsen!

On the ridge, you can follow Skåneleden along well-exposed trails.

We also have our own maps you can borrow for shorter tours and excursions.
Another tip is tours in Skåne . Website:

Vandring i skogen

Go biking on Romeleåsen

There ismany opportunities for different tours here. Everything from biking quiet gravel roads (with slopes!) to tough mountain bike rounds. In the Häckeberga / Björnstorp area there are well-marked trails. You can rent a mountain bike in Genarp. Maps and more info can be found at

We have a couple of 3-speed rental bikes on Körsbärsdalen. Or bring your own!

På cyklar

Eat something tasty!

What we always recommend if you want to eat the best Scanian food is Östarps Gästis. Equally fabulously good and nice every time! You can also take a walk over there.

In Veberöd there is also Niroma Café & which serves delicious food, then we have several pizzerias, Indian and Asian cuisine at here in the village!
If you want to bring catering / takeaway here, it works just as well.

Östarps gästis 2.jpg

Play golf!

In Skåne we have many, many golf courses!
The closest is Romeleåsens GK, It takes approx. 10 min. to go there with car. Then there is Sjöbo GK, where it is approx. 15 min. with car.

A little further away, but not at all too far away in Genarp there is

Naturligtvis Golf & Country Club,


Go swimming!

There are some nice small lakes some distance away.  You will find:

Sövdesjön (13km), Häljasjön (10 km), Vombsjön (15 km). Dalby Quarry is also popular. It is located on Knivsåsen just before Dalby, (11 km) .

If you want to go swimming in the sea, is the closest beach Beddingestrand or Ystad, about 35km south. There are many beautiful beaches around the coast of Skåne!


There is also an open-air public swimming pool in Veberöd.

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